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HRF offer diversity of film making. HRF has well experienced people with exceptional experience in filmmaking. We collaborate with our involvement and use our excellence to make an offer the gentility to the reel. We take part in every segment of cinema making, from reeky to the postproduction. Our team is so well handy with the making.

People ask, where is your office? We say where you stand, have our reach. We can offer you the best location in every corner of India. we offer our alliance because we believe friendly environment makes bettercinema, we believe together is better.

Distribution is intricate, people consider marketing is too barren to be handled by everyone. Experienced proved immature in film promotion & Distribution lack of knowledge and lack of efficient people in team. We have the best team of having specialisation and long experience in marketing and promotion of film, tv serial, albums or shows, we will give you the personal attention in your event. We make buzz in film industry by the first look poster, promo, reviews, and ratings, publish stories, interviews,trailer or first release of teaser on newspaper, TV, Radio, Cinema Halls, Outdoor Banners, social media, FilmWebsites for complete Indian Cinema.With a team of talented internet marketers and online business strategists, we offer our services to business, companies or Individual who are looking to promote their product, services or themselves in film or Media Industry. We filled team of HRF with creative ideas to make or help you to achieve your mission and objectives.We have the specialist team with full of experienceand ideas, latest marketing or branding products and services and we know what steps to be taken to get your target customers or audience find, remember, or approach you.We offer full-service Internet strategy, Marketing and Advertising services for Movies, TV, Events or Individual, whether you’re looking for a website for your movie, wanting to generate social media marketing buzz on Facebook, or are just looking for a cost-effective strategy to get more business at the box office

Aforementioned, we have a great team with a visionary approach in mind. If you have an idea, and you want us to expand it with our skilful screenwriter, here we are. You have a commercial point of view and justwant good cinema business, then you can hand over creative responsibility on our shoulder.

Television Commercial

TVC is the concise for television commercial —advertising that promotes products, services, ideas, individuals or organisations via the television medium. The duration of TVCs varies between 10 seconds to 3 minutes-long. Regardless of the length, it keep message conveyed would have to be catchy and seizing to hold the viewers from losing interest within the first few seconds of the TVC.



Arri Alexa Mini – 13000 INR

Arri Alexa SXT – 12000 INR

Arri Alexa XT – 11000 INR

Red Helium – 9000 INR

Red Dragon – 8000 INR

Red Epic – 7000 INR

Red Max – 5000 INR

Phantom Slow Motion – 80000 INR


Cooke S4I Lenses Kit – 10000 INR

Hawk Anamorphic Lenses Kit – 9000 INR

Master Prime Lenses Kit – 9000 INR

Ultra Prime Lenses Kit – 4000 INR

Red Prime Lenses Kit – 3000 INR

Optimo Zoom lens – 4000 INR

Alura Zoom lens – 2000 INR

HR Zoom lens – 1500 INR

10mm lens – 1000 INR

12mm lens – 1000 INR

CP3 Lenses Kit – 2500 INR

CP2 SS Lenses Kit – 2000 INR

CP2 Lenses Kit – 1500 INR


C Motion – 1500 INR

TeraDeck WiFi – 1500 INR

EGI Rig – 1500 INR

DJI Inspire 2 X7S – 30000 INR

DJI Inspire 2 X5S – 25000 INR

DJI Phantom 4 Pro – 10000 INR

SteadyCam – 18000 INR

Ronin Gimbal – 15000 INR

Trolly & Panther – 6000 INR

Jimmy Jip 35ft. – 14000 INR

3 Attendant – 5000 INR