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Hameer Ram Films

About Us

We Are Hameer Ram Films Mumbai Based Production Company. Indian Camera and Lights Rental with Big Line Production Company. We believe in Commitment, Innovation, and Quality. All camera available with RED and ARRI cameras also Camera Lenses & Sounds & Accessories also DJI products & Lights are Available. Our motto is to provide best service, Quality Equipment and Honesty in what we do. Hameer Ram Films specializes in production services for international film, television, commercial and still projects shooting in India and Asia

Hameer Ram Films Provide Camera & Lights Rental, Film Hospitality(Food, Hotels & Vehicles), Film PR & Marketing, In Film Branding & Sponsorship, Film Rights Sell & Buy, Government Film Subsidy, Film Promotion & Release, Film Location Services, Film Certificates & Distribution, Also Many Services. Also, Work as Co-Producer, Executive Producer, Film Director.

Hameer Ram Films & Team

Founded by Film Producer & Director Hameer Ram, since 2014 our work ethic and service has earned the trust of Bollywood Studios, Filmmakers and Production Companies. Our team is based between Mumbai & Gujarat. This enables us to better understand your project requirements and to deliver the best location and budgetary solutions also Equipment Rental for your production in India.Indian Line Production Company with Locations Provider in all over India.

Why Choose Us

Production Support

We line Produce your Films offering a wide spectrum of Film and Television Equipment, English Speaking Crews, Trained Manpower, All Logistics including wide ranging Lodging, Boarding, Transportation, All production related services and support anywhere in India.

Location Scouting

India has some of the Most Magnificent Locations, Forts in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur, Beaches in Goa & Kerala! Deserts in Rajasthan & Rann of Kutch! Our Expert Location scouting managers will guide you the Locations of our choice, Our office in Mumbai! Suggest you as many as options available, recce can be done as per your Script Requirements or Storyboards of TV Commercials! Our location library has some ready references!

Equipment & Crew Hire

Looking at Hiring Crew and Filming gear Locally? We have ALL Camera Person, Sound Recordist, Grip or Gaffer anywhere in the country. We can also facilitate the renting of the latest Cameras, Lights, Grip, Sound Equipment, other Shoot Accessories from us.

Corporate / Industrial Filmmakers

Hameer Ram Films can make Corporate film or Industrial Video for your Company that can boost the Company a Corporate Image! We provide one-stop Production Solution to your Corporate Identity!

Filming Permits India

Production companies, ADs Agencies or Corporate Filmmakers planning to shoot your Films, Video or TV Commercials Projects anywhere in Indian Cities like new Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gujarat, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and etc..! We can Organize Filming Permits as per your locations Needs!

Budgeting & Scheduling

Once we received your Scripts or Details or Storyboards, we will evaluate the total Budget and send you the Estimates within 24 hrs along with Guidelines and Location Suggestions! And Provide you to Perfect and Suitable Budget.

What our clients say

Web design Istra

I have been working with Hameer Ram Films and team since long time and they are proiding best services in the market.

Bhavesh Patel

Hameer Ram Films is the finest professional I have ever met, alway nice to work wiht him. Stronly recommended!

Hiren Jadvani
Corporate Films
Web Series
Our Film Projects
Hameer Ram Profile

  • Founder & Producer of Hameer Ram Films Production House
  • Co-Producer at Vaishnavi Media & Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.
  • Co-Producer at Gulaal Productions
  • Associate Director at JB Films Production House
  • Co-Producer & Executive Producer at The Indian film industry
  • Line Producer at Ahmedabad Film City


Hameer Ram

Equipment List


Arri Alexa Mini - 13000 INR

Arri Alexa SXT - 12000 INR

Arri Alexa XT - 11000 INR

Red Helium - 9000 INR

Red Dragon - 8000 INR

Red Epic - 7000 INR

Red Max - 5000 INR

Phantom Slow Motion - 80000 INR


Cooke S4I Lenses Kit - 10000 INR

Hawk Anamorphic Lenses Kit - 9000 INR

Master Prime Lenses Kit - 9000 INR

Ultra Prime Lenses Kit - 4000 INR

Red Prime Lenses Kit - 3000 INR

Optimo Zoom lens - 4000 INR

Alura Zoom lens - 2000 INR

HR Zoom lens - 1500 INR

10mm lens - 1000 INR

12mm lens - 1000 INR

CP3 Lenses Kit - 2500 INR

CP2 SS Lenses Kit - 2000 INR

CP2 Lenses Kit - 1500 INR


C Motion - 1500 INR

TeraDeck WiFi - 1500 INR

EGI Rig - 1500 INR

DJI Inspire 2 X7S - 30000 INR

DJI Inspire 2 X5S - 25000 INR

DJI Phantom 4 Pro - 10000 INR

SteadyCam - 18000 INR

Ronin Gimbal - 15000 INR

Trolly & Panther - 6000 INR

Jimmy Jip 35ft. - 14000 INR

3 Attendant - 5000 INR

*This is per Day Rate without Attendant.This Rate is only for Package Deals. Not for short shoot. Please note it.

I have DSLR Cameras and More lenses. Also Available DJI Equipments, All Lights & Other Shoot Accessories.

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